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ASPEX Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a leading provider of integrated microanalysis solutions serving a wide range of industries and markets. The company’s unique blend of technology, tools and in-house expertise provides customers the unprecedented ability to rapidly and automatically detect, identify, quantify and characterize the features of an entire sample.

Quality Control = Profitability

ASPEX methods and systems enable customers to better understand and control the purity of their manufacturing process with its robust, comprehensive documentation and reporting capabilities. This provides customers with the powerful information that leads to detailed, actionable solutions for achieving optimal quality control, production capacity and profitability.


From its founding in 1992, ASPEX recognized the limitations and costs associated with traditional scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and as a result the company developed and introduced the world’s first personalized SEM, or PSEM. The PSEM provided users the dual ability of electron-beam technology to both provide an image as well as the exact elemental composition of a specimen. This revolutionary two-in-one product positioned ASPEX as a force in the microscopy community.

Expansion of Industries Served

In the mid-1990s the company was purchased by an investment group which enabled the company to invest in a variety of significant innovations. These investments positioned ASPEX as leading supplier, not only to traditional “white coat” laboratories, but more importantly to factory floor quality control applications in a wide range of industries, which eventually included, but are not limited to, aerospace, automotive, forensic, medical device, metal/steel, and pharmaceutical.

In 2000, the company changed its name to ASPEX, which is an acronym for Application Specific Products employing Electron Beam and X-ray technology. The name better reflected its product offering as well as communicated its differences from other microscopy competitors.

Today ASPEX continues to revolutionize its industry and the industries it serves. The company has combined SEM technology, LN-free EDX spectrometry and a proprietary software suite to create a system like no other on the market today. In short, ASPEX gives their customers the Power to Perceive, turning data into information that customers can use to maximize quality control efforts and bottom-line profitability.

Media Inquires: Paul O’Rourke, Pipitone Group, 412-321-0879 or porourke@pipitonegroup.com.
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