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ASPEX merges with FEI

FEI, a leading instrumentation company providing imaging and analysis systems for research and industry, today announced that it has acquired ASPEX Corporation.
Read More

New cGMP Analytical Services Laboratory Helps Customers Ensure FDA Compliance

ASPEX Corporation (ASPEX) is expanding its business opportunities and is now a provider of contract analytical services according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Read More

ASPEX’s OmegaMax™ Allows Customers to “See More, Faster”

ASPEX Corporation launched OmegaMax™ at the PITTCON 2011 Conference and Expo today. OmegaMax is designed to work in concert with ASPEX’s EXpress™ and EXtreme™ platforms, which detect, identify, quantify and characterize the features of entire samples automatically and unattended for the purpose of quality control in a variety of industries. Read More

PITTCON Presentation to Showcase New Technology to Improve Quality Control, Profitability

ASPEX Corporation’s Frederick Schamber, Ph.D., and Timothy Drake, Ph.D., will co-present “Advances in Particulate Characterization by Automated SEM/EDX,” at the PITTCON 2011 Conference and Expo in Atlanta. The presentation will take place on Monday, March 14, at 10:00 EST on the second full-day of the five-day conference. Read More

ASPEX continues Global expansion with key distributor signings as well as recent Global system installation in the Steel Manufacturing Community.

ASPEX today announced the recent signing of key distributors in Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru & Turkey. Read More

MQA-Metals Cleanliness Rating™ software. Now supporting Global Steel Cleanliness Standards.

ASPEX today announced the release of its next generation steel analysis software; the MQA-Metal Cleanliness Rating™ (MQA-MCR). Read More

New Global Sales & Marketing Structure

Upon review of our current organization’s structure and the requirements to support the growth objectives for ASPEX, there is the need to create the proper foundation and corresponding support programs to expand our PSEM™ brand into the Global marketplace. Read More

ASPEX Corporation is Shifting the Identity of SEMs

ASPEX Corporation (ASPEX) has been advancing the novel Personal Scanning Electron Microscope (PSEM) platform since its first product generation was released in 1992. Read More

ASPEX Announces Oil-Free, Eco-Friendly HushPump™ for Scientific & Industrial Communities

ASPEX today introduced the HushPumpTM, an affordable, noise reducing, oil-free pump for Scanning Electron Microscopes and laboratory equipment requiring a clean vacuum system. Read More

Microsoft Case Study - Third-Party Controls for Visual Studio 2008 Reduce Development Time and Costs by 75 Percent

With an important trade show only two months away, automated microanalysis solution provider ASPEX Corporation had only a short time to add rich reporting and graphing functionality to its Perception MQA (Metal Quality Analyzer) software. Read More

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