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ASPEX continues Global expansion with key distributor signings as well as recent Global system installation in the Steel Manufacturing Community.

Pittsburgh, PA – August 20th, 2010 – ASPEX today announced the recent signing of key distributors in Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru & Turkey.  “One of our key corporate initiatives this year is to expand ASPEX’s presence globally,” said Doris Allison, Director of Global Sales at ASPEX. “We need a strong network of distributors to carry our message to their local communities. These new partners have the skill sets required not only to support our instrumentation, but support our global sales objectives as well.”

Additional recent news revolves around our MQA platform. The ASPEX MQA-Metals Quality Analyzer™ (MQA) was designed to rapidly scan polished steel samples and characterize inclusions for their morphology and chemistry. Earlier this year we launched the MQA-Metals Cleanliness Reporting software (MQA-MCR). One of the key components was the incorporation of global steel cleanliness standards. Among the currently supported standards are ASTM E45 and E2142, JIS G 0555 and ISO.

“It is my pleasure to announce several recent international MQA installations located in Australia, India & Japan,” said Doris Allison. “The initial response from our domestic steel community encouraged ASPEX to continue its development path and now that the MQATM has spread to the international marketplace, we realized that ASPEX & the MQA have taken the next step in the evolution of world class support to the entire steel industry.”

ASPEX Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a leading provider of integrated microanalysis, providing customers the unprecedented ability to rapidly and automatically detect, identify, quantify and characterize the features of an entire sample, giving them optimal quality control, production capacity and profitability. In short, ASPEX gives their customers the Power to Perceive, turning data into information that customers can use to maximize quality control efforts and bottom-line profitability. For more information on ASPEX visit www.aspexcorp.com.
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