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New Perception Software
The PSEM II Upgrade comes with Perception Console Software


Extend the life of your PSEM

The PSEM II Upgrade is a complete system overhaul of your PSEM 75 with Windows® based Perception console software, improved hardware management through a new engine platform, and a new PC work station running Windows® XP will bring your system to the most current operating platform.

Onsite installation is included with complete calibration and system performance evaluation along with customer training. This new operating concept allows full control of your PSEM from the local host PC or multiple remote locations.
The PSEM II upgrade also includes
  • New Dell ® computer
  • USB support
  • CD/DVD burner
  • 2 LCD monitors, keyboard, and mouse
  • Enhanced network capabilities
  • HP® color ink jet printer
  • USB thermal printer
  • Anthro cart work station
  • Simple data management tools
  • Several onboard utilities for easier interface to MS Office® products
  • Harvester onboard diagnostic software that continually monitors your PSEM system performance
Other reasons to upgrade to the PSEM II
  • Most Current Operating System
  • DOS Console no longer supported
  • Extends the life of the current PSEM 75
  • Includes full PM & Calibration
  • Required for other upgrades such as: SDD, 25KeV HVPS
  • MacroNavigator, MicroNavigator
  • New Diagnostic Software

* Installation & Travel Cost is additional

Part Number Description
06748 Upgrade PSEM II + PC Upgrade to Pentium
05747 Upgrade PSEM II
08158 Upgrade PSEM II - Basic (Distributor)
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