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ASPEX provides the Power to Perceive across a wide variety of industries
Maintaining profitability requires real control over quality control. An ASPEX system can give you that control across a wide range of industries.

Forensics: Microscopic particles of gunshot residue have the power to assist investigators set someone free and send the right person to prison for a long time. An ASPEX makes fast and accurate reporting of confirmed GSR particles possible, and when combined with GSR Validator gives crime labs the peace of mind their ASPEX is running within specifications helping police departments and crime labs do their jobs with confidence.

Industrial Automation: Microscopic particles aren’t the first thing that come to mind with industrial manufacturing, but those impurities in an automotive manufacturing setting, for example, can bring a transmission or fuel-injection line - and profits - to a halt in moments. An ASPEX’s sensitivity, accuracy and precision, along with its extensive reporting capabilities, make it possible for quality cars and other products that rely on industrial automation to perform as they should.

Metals: From foundry production to rolled and specialty steel, an ASPEX provides accurate, up-to-date information under the most adverse conditions, meaning production and quality control functions stay on schedule, stay on spec and stay profitable.

And as the global steel industry continues to transform, placing greater and greater emphasis on technological improvements, our Metal Quality Analyzer (MQA), with industry leading performance capabilities, is there. Manufacturers in Japan, China, India and Australia are putting MQA to work in their plants for current information on the inclusion compositional on lollipop, as cast, and for final product samples. Working in conjunction with MQA, ASPEX MQA-Metals Cleanliness Rating (MQA-MCR) software makes it possible to effectively support these markets by generating reports in formats that adhere to locally recognized standards.

Whether the plant is in Pittsburgh or Beijing, an ASPEX with MQA turns data into knowledge with processing power that can result in achievable, bottom-line savings of over $1 million per year.

Defense: Predictive maintenance is an essential part of ensuring that fleets are safe, costs are contained and service interruptions are kept to a minimum. ASPEX’s automated data acquisition and management system provides the up-to-the-minute information that keeps military equipment at the ready anytime, anywhere.

Health Sciences: Whether it’s pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device manufacturing or any Health Science-related field, the highest standards in cleanliness are required since the most minuscule impurity can have life-threatening implications. The Audit & Authorization as part of overall Rx software solution enables users to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 demands, and with a completely validated system, permits our customers to install ASPEX Rx in cGMP facilities. The robust data analysis capabilities of an ASPEX make it possible to analyze high volumes of specimens 24/7, providing the information to keep the production process safe and secure.
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