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ASPEX EXtreme™

Simplified Operation

One-Click Operation

In just five minutes the JEMM EXtreme can be setup and ready for operation or packed up for deployment. Automated alignment and calibration processes and a wizard style user interface allow operators to perform analysis with minimal user intervention. The automated data acquisition and data management processing systems allow “one-click” operation on pre-defined analysis yielding a Total Risk factor for the jet engine.

EXtreme is ...

  • Smaller
  • Self Correcting
  • Easier Access for Routine Maintenance
  • Expanded Sample Capability
  • Wizard Style Operation
  • Automated Gun Alignment
  • Automated EDX Calibration
  • Automated System Check
  • Minimal Training Required
  • Wireless Control
  • Running Samples is Easier
  • New Sample Holder
  • Data Entry Simplified
  • Expanded Sample Capability
  • Graphical Interface
  • See Samples Run in Real Time
  • Less Training Required
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