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Q & A - Dr. Kent Peaslee

Dr. Peaslee incorporates the MQA™ into current research projects. Read the interview.

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Reported Information

Easy Analysis to Classify Inclusion Types

For each inclusion detected, the MQA™ produces over 30 different unique parameters related to size, shape, and elemental composition. Each parameter can be utilized to classify the type of inclusion system either through ternary phase diagrams or histograms.

Unique MQA™ reportable parameters:
  • Average, Maximum, Minimum & Perpendicular Diameters
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Area, Perimeter & Orientation
  • Void Area
  • Edge Roughness
  • RMS Video
  • Roundness & Formfactor
  • Equivalent Circular & Skeletal Diameter
  • Hull Area and Perimeter
  • Location
  • Void Count
  • Elemental Composition

Characteristic Spectra for Typical Inclusion Types - Spinel

Ternaries Which Reveal to Cause a Nozzle Clog

Histogram for Total Area of Inclusions Analyzed

Ternary Plots Incorporated with Inclusion Size Distribution.
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