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Analytical Services



ASPEX Analytical Services is a full services laboratory for materials testing using SEM-EDX technology.
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Microscopic Imaging Services
• Failure Analysis (fractures, delamination & corrosion) 
• Materials Testing (ceramics, composites & metals)  
• Surface Characterization (porosity & grain structure)   

Elemental Composition by X-Ray Microanalysis
• Contamination Identification
• Surface Composition & Coatings
• Elemental Analysis
• X-ray mapping, Line Scan, Spot & Area Microanalysis 

Advanced Automated Solutions & Reporting
MQA-Metals Quality Analyzer 

    -Automated inclusion analysis (ASTM E45,  ASTM E2142, ISO 4967)
• AQC- Advanced Quality Control 

    -Industrial particle characterization (ISO 4406, ISO 11171)

    -Complete Oil Analysis

RX-cGMP Pharma and Med-Device Support
    -Foreign particle identification   
Automated Particle Analysis

• Characterization (size, shape and composition)
• Size Distribution
• Phase Diagrams & Ternary Plot High Thru-put – Thousands of particles/hour    

Outsource Method Development and Consulting Services
• Cost effective execution of projects
• One-time testing or long term projects
• IQ/OQ services & Custom training programs

To request a quotation, please contact Dr. Marie C. Vicéns, Manager of ASPEX Analytical Services, at 724.468.5400 ext. 266, or mvicens@aspexcorp.com.

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