• Automated Particle Analysis for Pharmaceutical Products
  • Foreign Particle Identification
  • Surface Coating  and Cross Section  Analysis
  • Particle Contamination Analysis: Count and Size Distribution
  • Materials Characterization: Morphology and Chemical Composition
  • USP <788>: SEM-EDX testing

Pharmaceutical Powders and Particles Images


Equipment: ASPEX EXplorer Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Secondary Electron Detector (SED)
  • Backscatter Electron Detector ( BSED)
  • Energy Dispersive Spectrometry ( EDS)
  • PerceptionTM with Automated Feature Analysis

To request a quotation, please contact Dr. Marie C. Vicéns, Manager of ASPEX Analytical Services, at 724.468.5400 ext. 266, or mvicens@aspexcorp.com.

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