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OmegaMax™ – "See More, Faster"
The Power to Perceive becomes even stronger with the launch of OmegaMax™ -- an integrated, systems-based approach to SEM/EDX technology that takes performance, reliability and verification to the next level.

The science behind OmegaMax is in its name. Omega (Ω) is the symbol for solid angle, and maximizing that angle is the most important measure of an optimized x-ray detection system. Putting the latest technology to work, OmegaMax increases the solid angle view – something that previously required a larger Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) detector, a closer SDD detector and a greater number of SDD detectors.

By integrating sensor modules directly into the ASPEX EXpress and EXtreme product platforms, the system is able to provide more than three times the solid angle using the same sensor size. Helping you “See More, Faster” and improve your quality and process control.
Image Description
The illustration to the right depicts the manner in which solid angle (orange cone) represents the effective size of the sensor.

The three disks (sensors) all subtend the same solid angle relative to the specimen (blue rectangle).
Due to the great increase in solid angle afforded by the OmegaMax design, it is practical to employ a smaller "premium performance" sensor while still maintaining more than a 2X increase in detection efficiency. The following graph illustrates the improved energy resolution measured with a 5 mm2 OmegaMax sensor (red), versus a conventional x-ray detector of 10 mm2 (yellow).

When improved collection efficiency and improved energy resolution are combined, the advantages are further multiplied, as seen in the following results.
The phase ternary diagrams below illustrate the tremendous improvement in x-ray data collection efficiency that can be realized with the OmegaMax. Acquisition time was reduced by a factor of 5 while maintaining data quality. Customers gain the benefits of enhance analysis speed with no penalty in precision or cost.

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