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ASPEX – Bringing Real Control to Quality Control
When the Power to Perceive is critical, an ASPEX delivers with a comprehensive system that includes SEM technology, LN-free EDX spectrometry, our Perception software suite and industry leading reporting software for turning vast amounts of quality data into knowledge. It does what we call “macro-micro analysis” faster, and with greater accuracy and at a lower cost, than can be achieved by any other means.

And because we understand the specific needs of a variety of industries, we’ve designed an ASPEX to meet each of those specific quality control needs.

ASPEX EXplorer: The ASPEX EXplorer system provides a fully integrated SEM and EDX platform that blends state of the art hardware with software sophistication. It seamlessly provides high magnification imaging, rapid nondestructive compositional analysis and robust computer automation for size, shape and elemental composition. In addition, the ASPEX EXplorer comes equipped with the Perception software suite.

ASPEX EXtreme: When quality control is required in the harshest environments, the ASPEX EXtreme offers a complete solution to automated particle analysis, seamlessly integrating electron beam imaging (SEM) and EDX analysis with automated control software and comprehensive data management and data integrity solutions. The ASPEX EXtreme is mobile, rugged and specifically designed to handle the most demanding manufacturing settings.

ASPEX EXpress Desktop: When size and budgets are key, the ASPEX EXpress desktop SEM provides superior particle analysis capabilities at an affordable price. Designed for "out of the lab" applications, the ASPEX EXpress desktop has plenty of power to do your routine automated particle analysis with unmatched ease, speed and reliability.
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