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Robust Reporting
Download the ASPEX EXpress white paper and learn how it's revolutionizing microanalysis.

Product Demonstration

The ASPEX EXpress™ Desktop SEM

Superior Particle Analysis Capabilities at an Affordable Price

The ASPEX EXpress™, is a benchtop SEM that provides superior particle analysis capabilities at a price you can't beat. It's clearly designed for "out of the lab" applications, emphasizing speed, reliability and low cost of ownership while requiring no liquid nitrogen. Employing a "design for use" philosophy, ASPEX has created a compact Scanning Electron Microscope with plenty of power to do your routine automated particle analysis with unmatched ease, speed, and reliability.

Unattended Automated Particle Analysis

Each ASPEX EXpress™ scanning electron microscope comes equipped with the Perception software suite, which provides a powerful set of tools for microanalysis. Although it is very economically priced, it still comes standard with an LN-free EDX spectrometer and is capable of unattended automated particle analysis. When coupled with optional ASPEX software such as AFA, or CFA it becomes a fully automated particle analysis system faster, and with greater accuracy and at a lower cost, than can be achieved by other means.
Aspex EXpress 2

Analyze the Unknown and Unseen with the ASPEX eXpress, it works in a broad spectrum of production-environment and laboratory applications.

Performance Specifications
Particle Detection Range 100nm to 5mm
Detectors Quad BSED, SDD EDX
Accelerating Voltage 5, 10, 15, and 20 KV
Stage Movement 80mm x 100mm
Vacuum system High Vac and Fixed VP
Lightest Element Detection Boron
EDX Resolution 133 eV
Sizing Algorithms Available RCA and CFA
FDA Compliance Level cGMP
Data Security 21 CFR part 11 Compliant*

Sample Handling & Navigation

Specimen Coverage 6 Sample-Complete
Stage Motorization X-Y 80mm x 100mm
Chamber Dimensions 180mm x 230mm x 70mm
Interactive Navigation MacroNavigator

Valued Added Services

Advanced Training Custom, In-House or On-Site
Contract Services Automated Particle Analysis
Method Development Validated and Transferable
Consultation Concept to Commercialization

Field Service & Customer Support

Response Time 2-Hour Phone Response, 24/7
Field Service Engineers Pittsburgh headquarters and regionally based throughout the United States
Remote Diagnostics Standard Component, enabling system operation
System Monitoring Harvester Software, monitoring and documenting multiple sub-syste

*Indicates options available

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