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Learn how McCrone uses AFA & CFA to analyze particles


More Dollars Saved for Your Company

Whether you are searching for a needle in a haystack or collecting population statistics on thousands of particles, AFA may be the tool for you. AFA is the fastest, most accurate tool on the market for sizing and quantifying ellipsoidal or near ellipsoidal particles. More particles per hour means more productivity. High productivity coupled with high-quality results means more dollars saved for your company.

Good particle analysis is all about control. We offer the tight integration between:
  1. digital beam control
  2. image acquisition
  3. X-ray spectrometer that is necessary to perform particle analysis correctly
The ASPEX PSEM was designed from the ground up to be the best particle analyzer on the market. Our staging, vacuum control, detector geometry, high-stability beam source, and many other subtle design features were all designed for high-speed particle analysis. No other SEM manufacturer can make these claims, and no other SEM manufacturer can match the performance on our system.

The ASPEX AFA product supports you through all phases of the analysis process. From clear and flexible analysis configuration through sophisticated custom reporting capabilities, we'll help you to accomplish your goals to the highest professional standards.

Characterizing hundreds or thousands of particles has historically been too costly for the production environment. However, as tolerances are tightened and demand for predictable quality is increased, there are calls for a better understanding of particulate contamination. ASPEX has the answer—a cost- effective tool for the production environment.

Electron-beam microanalysis is a tool of unprecedented power for characterizing fibers, particles, inclusions, and other microscopic contamination. The combination of high-resolution imaging and X-ray quantification is unparalleled in the character and quality of the data. However, manually measuring and quantifying hundreds or thousands of features takes time and may be cost-prohibitive. ASPEX offers a better way—CFA.

CFA automatically sizes and quantifies hundreds or thousands of particles an hour without operator intervention. Particles are located, sized, and analyzed for elemental composition. The resulting data is tabulated on a particle-by-particle basis. Clear, intuitive summary reports can be customized for your business needs and are automatically generated at the end of each analysis.

CFA is specially optimized for complex and irregular feature shapes. Through a proprietary algorithm that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of ASPEX SEM, CFA provides sizing and quantification that is both fast and accurate. Particles are measured as soon as they are discovered to ensure that particles are never lost.
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