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Perception Suite

Faster and More Accurate

Melding an intuitive-user interface with a high-productivity design, the Perception software suite offers a robust toolkit for manual microanalysis. Integrating all phases of microanalysis into a tight package allows users to go from collecting an image and X-ray spectrum to processing the data and finally to reporting the data in Microsoft® Word or most other Microsoft® Windows® applications in a handful of steps. Flexible reporting is enhanced by user-defined templates—all this in a package that may be configured on a user-by-user basis.

Perception was designed for modern computer networks. For hot cell or cleanroom environments, the operator console may be located hundreds of feet from the instrument and the unit fully controlled over a local area network. Image and other data files can be readily stored to network drives or SQL databases. This data can be accessed and processed from any workstation connected to the network.

When your needs go beyond manual microanalysis, Perception is ready. The Perception suite forms the foundation of ASPEX's extensive line of application-specific automated microanalysis tools. When enhanced by AFA, CFA, or one of a handful of application-specific tools, Perception becomes the fastest and most accurate way to perform computer-controlled microanalysis. ... it becomes a fully automated particle analysis system—faster, with greater accuracy and at a lower cost.

Perception Suite Tools

  1. AFA (Automated Feature Analysis) is the fastest, most accurate tool on the market for sizing and quantifying ellipsoidal or near ellipsoidal particles.
  2. CFA (Complex Feature Analysis) automatically sizes and quantifies hundreds or thousands of particles an hour without operator intervention and is specially optimized for complex and irregular feature shapes.
  3. iStore is a database for maintaining electronic images and related statistical analysis data.
  4. iTable is a useful enhancement that permits the operator to work with electronic micro-images in a straightforward, intuitive manner. Software-AFA/CFA
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