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Learn how the Rx characterizes sub-micron particles in the health sciences industry.

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Navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape remains one of the biggest challenges that a pharmaceutical manufacturing company can face. For inhaled drugs, superior quality control is required to meet FDA criteria and remain at the forefront of the increasingly competitive pharmaceutical industry. To establish competitive advantage, comply with FDA regulations, and maintain a reputation for quality, pharmaceutical manufacturers must be able to quickly, accurately, and clearly identify and analyze foreign particles in their product streams.
The Only Automated Solution
ASPEX® Rx™ is the world’s first personal scanning electron microscope (PSEM™) exclusively designed for the automated identification and elemental analysis of sub-micron-level foreign particles in pharmaceutical production processes.

Only ASPEX® Rx™ can deliver an integrated solution for microcontamination quality control on the production floor—one that combines imaging and elemental analysis with a dedicated interface.

ASPEX® Rx is the only product that can deliver automated identification and characterization of foreign particles as small as 0.1 microns in pharmaceutical production processes.

Because of its ability to quickly and precisely identify particles within this range, ASPEX® Rx™ is far superior to alternative methods of particle identification. Laser-based inspection techniques are only capable of determining the average size of particles from a batch sample and cannot perform elemental analysis. Video-based optical systems are incapable of performing elemental analysis and are not reliable for particles less than 25 microns. The range of X-ray microscopes is limited to 10 microns.
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