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Service Contracts
Purchase post warranty support and other available coverages for your ASPEX instrument.

Tech Support
ASPEX tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to request service, provide routine maintenance, product documentation, or network assistance.

Support from start to finish
An ASPEX gives you the Power to Perceive, along with top notch support from start to finish. We know your business doesn’t slow down and you can be assured your ASPEX won’t either. That’s because an ASPEX is designed with reliability in mind with the capacity to maintain high uptimes and availability. And when it comes to speed, an ASPEX works in minutes, not days ... in any environment that calls for the superior robustness of an SEM that’s built to last, built to perform, and built to deliver.

If your ASPEX does need maintenance, our unique modular design makes it fast, easy and inexpensive to replace any of the internally isolated components. Just one phone call to our 24/7 service engineers takes you through a remote diagnostic process that will quickly identify which part needs to be replaced, and ensure next-day delivery for fast installation.

Precise, deployable, and just plain smart, an ASPEX is everything you’ve come to expect from a company at the forefront of revolutionary design, sophisticated technology, and rugged performance.
Need to order a new part?

Then call our toll-free number to get in touch with us.

Service Call Center 
Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5:00pm EST
(800) 573 - 7736
(724) 468 - 5400

After Hours (Contract Customers)
(800) 670 - 7058 - US
(814) 452 - 8919 - International

Please have your serial number and credit card/PO ready.

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