March 15, 2009 the ASPEX PGS is awarded a patent

March 15, 2009

ASPEX Receives Patent for “Particle Detection Auditing System and Method”

Pittsburgh, PA – March 15, 2009 – ASPEX Corporation (ASPEX) today announced that it has received a patent for its Performance Grading System (PGS™). Entitled “Particle Detection Auditing System and Method,” the patent number is 7,476,858.

ASPEX’s PGS™ is the first practical method for the routine checking of particle analyzer performance. It is easy-to-use and produces detailed, precise metrics that summarize every significant aspect of instrument performance within minutes. The system consists of a specimen fabricated with thousands of precisely-known features and an accompanying software component (MapMatch™) that extracts performance metrics from the analysis file. A highlight of the system is its insensitivity to foreign material that might otherwise skew results.

Already known for their creation of the Personal Scanning Electron Microscope (PSEM™), ASPEX sees the PGS™ as a natural complement to their particle analysis technology. “When we began using the PGS™ for assessing our instrument performance, we felt a bit like Galileo must have when he peered into his first telescope—we were seeing expected things with a new clarity, and we were discovering new phenomena we hadn’t even suspected, said Dr. Frederick Schamber, ASPEX’s Chief Technology Officer. “This has opened up whole new areas of possibility for refining and extending particle measurement technology.”

ABOUT ASPEX: ASPEX is the leading provider of integrated microanalysis solutions for a wide range of critical cleanliness, microcontamination analysis, product purity, contamination diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and other process control initiatives incorporating scanning electron microscopes and elemental analysis technologies. The company’s custom solutions are at work in a variety of application-specific tasks in the steel, forensics, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. Its full-service headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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