March 5, 2009 The PSEM eXpress benchtop SEM

Demo the PSEM eXpress.

Benchtop SEM

New Benchtop SEM Analyzer Delivers More Features, More Samples, Less Cost

Pittsburgh, PA – March 05, 2009 – ASPEX Corporation (ASPEX) has developed the PSEM eXpress™, a new benchtop analyzer that is smaller and more cost-effective than traditional scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). The system will debut at Pittcon 2009, from March 8-13, in Booth 3760.

Starting at $75,000, the PSEM eXpress™ quickly accommodates real-world specimens with 80 mm x 100 mm stage travel, SDD-EDS capability, and a simple user interface. Comparable in size to a laser printer, it detects particles from 100 nm to 5 mm with 25 nm resolution. The instrument is cGMP compliant and can be used to address quality control issues in a variety of industries, including forensics, health sciences, industrial automation, and metals.

“The PSEM eXpress™ represents several new advancements in particle analysis,” said Greg Ott, CEO of ASPEX. “Not only does the PSEM eXpress™ offer standard SEM/EDS functionality at a smaller form and price point, it also has the largest chamber in its class. We are excited to provide these features in a system that offers the lowest cost of ownership industry-wide.”

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ABOUT ASPEX: ASPEX is the leading provider of integrated microanalysis solutions for a wide range of critical cleanliness, microcontamination analysis, product purity, contamination diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and other process control initiatives incorporating scanning electron microscopes and elemental edx analysis technologies. The company’s custom solutions are at work in a variety of application-specific tasks in the steel, forensics, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.

Its full-service headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA. Additional information about ASPEX and its tools for particle size analysis is located at

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