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Predictive Maintenance is Crucial

Military aircrafts operate at extremely demanding thresholds, placing severe stress on engine and gearbox components. Predictive maintenance is crucial to controlling fleet costs and interruptions of operations. 

Working with the US Air Force for several years, ASPEX has developed its second generation Jet Engine Mobile Monitor. This newest system has been field tested and validated by the US Air Force as the Preferred System for Jet Engine Health Monitoring. 

We designed and engineered this system from the ground up to meet the stringent military requirements for application specific deployment in any environment where jet engine maintenance is required – on land or sea. 

The PSEM Xtreme™ can easily be adapted to other engines by simply changing the risk algorithm. This algorithm can either be supplied by the engine manufacturer or be developed with assistance from ASPEX scientists. 

In just five minutes the PSEM Xtreme™ can be deployment ready. Automated alignment and calibration processes and a wizard style user interface allow operators to perform analysis with minimal user intervention. The automated data acquisition and data management processing systems allow “one-click” operation on pre-defined analysis yielding a Total Risk Factor for the jet engine. 

In addition to jet propulsion operations, the PSEM Xtreme™ can be employed for engine wear profiling of turboprop and helicopter engines whenever SEM/EDX microanalysis capabilities are required in a rugged, mobile form, including manufacturing, mining, pollution control, forensics, heavy equipment maintenance, agriculture, geology, and archeology. 

Field Tested & Validated

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