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If you are a fan of Nike sportswear, then you have arrived at the right door. You are about to know a number of interesting facts about your favourite brand, facts that could come really handy for you. You must be familiar with the company’s amazing customer service which is always ready to assist you in any confusion or problem you face. The brand loves to make sure their customers leave their stores satisfied and visit again. Not only this, but the brand also tries to collect as many reviews and suggestions from their customers so that they can improve their services and value in the market somehow.

The brand has even come up with a website that allows customers to answer some questions about the stores they visit and the quality of products they find at the store. This is done to ensure that they hold a good reputation in the market. The website can be seen as more of a survey that contains questions that the participants have to answer. The questions are simple and are strictly related to the experience you as the customer has with the brand when you last visited them.

MyNikeVisit-na Survey: Introduction

The brand has started this survey so that they could get more perspectives as to how are they doing in the market in the current scenario. The quality of the products they sell has to be reviewed by the customers so their actual values can be predicted among the people. Since Nike is no longer a brand selling just sportswear, it has even entered the fashion industry it has to bring in some new styles and products that customers would love to have. To tackle this, the people and their suggestions could really help. The brand would get an insight into what the public actually wants right now and what are their expectations from the brand as well.

Benefits Of  MyNikeVisit-na Survey:

The Mynikevisit-na survey holds a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the people. By participating in the survey, you as customers would get a chance to directly come in contact with the makers who would actually notice what you have in mind. The freedom to express your views about the brand is provided here. You are free to express no just good things but also the bad things you notice about the brand. You can talk about anything which could bother you or satisfy you, could be the prices, the quality, the stores you mostly visit or even the employees you like or have a problem with.

If you have a cleanliness issue, if you have had a quarrel with some store employee, a product which the store wouldn’t return or even the location of the store, issues like this can be discussed at this survey. Since this is an official survey conducted by the brand itself, whatever you express at the survey would get attention and would be resolved when you visit next. With this survey, you can demand better services from the store which you pay for in taxes. Additionally, by taking the survey you would be doing yourself a favor by arranging a better Nike store for you.

The Rules & Regulations of the survey:

Being an official survey by the brand as already mentioned, there are certain rules and regulations that you are bound to follow if you want to participate in the survey. By doing this, the company ensures a decorum that must be followed during any process. game domino terbaik dan bandarqq

  • The receipt from the store:

In order to participate in the survey, the receipt that you receive from the store should be kept safe. It is important because the receipt contains a code that you would have to enter before starting with the survey. Without the code, you cannot begin with the survey. The receipt also proves that you have been a customer of the store and you are not just messing around online.

  • Eligible participants:

Customers who are aged below 13 cannot participate in the survey. As the company requires genuine and thoughtful suggestions from their customers, the participants have to be responsible and smart enough to answer such questions. Additionally, the employees of the brand and their families are not allowed to participate in the survey. This is done to make sure the suggestions and reviews they receive are not biased.

  • Survey code:

As mentioned above, a receipt is required before proceeding with the survey. What you must know is that the code gets expired in seven days, which is why the survey should be taken within the seven days after you have visited the store. Apart from this, you need to have your own devices such as a laptop or a PC that has to be connected to a decent internet connection. The survey takes place online therefore, an internet connection is much needed.

  • A reward after the survey:

This is the best part of the survey. Once you complete the survey successfully, you get a survey code which you have to keep safe until you visit the Nike store. If you submit the code, you will receive a reward of $5-$10 which you can use on any product. This discount is valid for any store around the world but should be used soon after you have received it.

How to Take MyNikeVisit-na Survey?

To start with the survey, you have to enter the survey portal of the brand and enter the code the receipt has along with the date and time of your visit. Once done, you can start by answering the questions and at the end leave your contact info. At the end of the survey, you will receive a code that will get you the reward.

The Mynikevisit-na survey contains a number of very easy questions that you can answer without any struggle. You just have to be honest about your thoughts and spill whatever you actually think about the store.

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