PSEM eXtreme the field deployable scanning electron microscope

Demo the PSEM eXtreme.

PSEM eXtreme

Winner of the 2008 R&D Award for Scientific Innovation

Analyzing for wear debris in lubrication fluids is a proven method for predicting mechanism failures of bearings. Electron beam imaging with elemental analysis (EDX) is a powerful non-destructive technique that provides not only the most accurate particle contamination analysis by size and shape parameters, but also reliable identification of component alloys. Populations of wear particles from bearing failures can be automatically sized and characterized with unmatched specificity.

ASPEX offers a complete solution to automated particle analysis, a solution that seamlessly integrates electron beam imaging (SEM) and EDX analysis with automated control software and comprehensive data management and data integrity solutions.

Innovation of eXtreme Proportions

The PSEM eXtreme represents an eXtreme departure from the SEM EDX systems currently being utilized in the field for jet engine predictive/preventative
maintenance. Smaller, lighter, easier to operate, and extremely easy to deploy, PSEM eXtreme provides laboratory precision and battlefield toughness!

In addition to automated particle analysis, PSEM eXtreme can be employed wherever SEM/EDX microanalysis capabilities are required in a rugged mobile form factormanufacturing, mining, pollution control, forensics, heavy equipment maintenance, home land defense, agriculture, geology, archeologyand many more.

The Precision You Need for Challenging Environments

  1. Single, Self-Contained Unit
  2. Multi-Layered Environmental Protection
  3. Superior Multi-Stage Vibration Isolation
  4. Advanced SEM Anti-Shock Base
  5. Deployment Ready in Five Minutes
  6. Weighs 700 lbs and Forklift Ready
  7. Small Enough to Fit Through Aircraft Carrier Hatches

Reliability and Versatility

  1. Advanced Power Conditioner with Integrated UPS
  2. Filter Cooling with Easy Access
  3. PSEM HarvesterTM - Automatic & Continuous System
    Performance Control
  4. PSEM WizardTM Smart Interface for Easier Operation
  5. PSEM Self Diagnostic SystemTM Embedded CPU for Improved Reliability


Winner of R&D; 100 Award

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