SEM scanning electron microscopes
PSEM eXpress

Employing a "design for use" philosophy, ASPEX has created the PSEM eXpress, a desktop SEM with plenty of power to do your routine automated particle analysis with ease, speed, and reliability.

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PSEM eXplorer

Now in its third generation, the PSEM eXplorer is an automated scanning electron microscope that is designed for the automated imaging and elemental analysis of a wide spectrum of surfaces and particulate.

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PSEM eXtreme

The PSEM eXtreme scanning electron microscope provides the power of a competitive SEM but in a self-contained package small enough to fit through the hatches of an aircraft carrier.

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What is a SEM?  How is it used?  How does it operate?  Why is it important?  Where does The PERSONAL SEM fit into the picture?  How/why did we get into this business?  These are some of the questions we’ll try to address in this section.

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SEND US YOUR sample!

Do you have a sample you'd like to send us to have scanned by our scanning electron microscopes? Just download the sample submission form, fill it out, and mail it in along with your sample, and we'll post your images online for the world to see.

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