SOFTWARE intuitive software customizable to your needs

Melding an intuitive user interface with a high-productivity design, the Perception software suite offers a robust toolkit for manual microanalysis.

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AFA (Automated Feature Analysis) is the fastest, most accurate tool on the market for sizing and quantifying particles.

CFA (Complex Feature Analysis) is specially optimized for complex and irregular feature shapes.

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Unlike optical microscopes, which provide only a visual image, AQC™(Advanced Quality Control) system identifies both the presence of foreign particles and their elemental composition.

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Technological advances have made GSR™ (Gunshot Residue) the go-to technology for elemental analysis and imaging of samples collected from suspect shooters.

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The MQA™(Metal Quality Analyzer) provides up-to-date inclusion compositional information on both lollipop, as cast, and final product samples.

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The Rx™is a "dedicated interface" product exclusively designed for the automated detection, counting, and characterization of sub-micron particulate material in the pharmaceutical industry.

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