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Do you have a sample you'd like to send us to have scanned by one of our Scanning Electron Microscopes or our Tabletop SEM?

Just download the sample submission form below, fill it out, and mail it in along with your sample, and we'll post your images online for the world to see.

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Check back often to see the latest images scanned with a free report or contact us to set up a demonstration.

Sample Submission Form (PDF)

Sample Before and After images

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Image Gallery Reports

Low Magnification Secondary Electron Imaging (view report)
Variable Pressure Backscattered Electron Imaging (view report)
Manual Micro-Analysis with SEM/EDS Instrumentation (view report)
Reverse Contrast Imaging Using Gold-Coated Filter Membranes (view report)
Imaging of Soil Particles: Size & Morphology Studies of Tephra (view report)

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