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Characterizing Micro Debris
OEMs and vendors around the world, with those in Germany leading the way, are discovering that manufacturing debris as small as a few microns can wreak havoc on the performance of precision assemblies, resulting in everything from clogged fuel-injection systems to malfunctioning electronic sensors.
(Download PDF)

The Myth of Resolution
The SEM with the better resolution specification will deliver better pictures at any magnification. True or False? (Download PDF)

Optical vs. Electron Beam Imaging
The only realistic way to understand a population of particles is to measure a sufficiently large distribution of individuals relative to pertinent parameters such as size, shape, and composition. In nearly every case, the most reliable technique for obtaining such a distribution involves the direct imaging of particles such that their dimensional attributes can be accurately established. (Download PDF)

Understanding Particulate Contaminants via Automated
E-Beam Analysis

Particulate contaminants are an important concern in today's precision automotive assemblies. Whether driven by quality, cost, or performance considerations understanding the source and impact of particles requires detailed knowledge of their distribution in size and composition. Particle-by-particle measurement of filtered material is today conducted automatically by computer-operated microscope systems. (Download PDF)

Introduction to Automated Particle Analysis by Focused Electron Beam
This little document is intended to provide a brief entry-level introduction to the concepts and technology employed in the automated particle analysis systems manufactured by ASPEX Corp. My objective is to convey a big-picture sense of what our instruments do, and roughly how they do it. (Download PDF)

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