Hey guys!! Have you heard of Team health Patient Billing Service? Not yet? Don’t worry, you may not come across this service, in this reading we will try to impart to you what is Thbillpay all about. TeamHealth is a service providing company where patients can pay off their medical bills through their online portal www.thybillpay.com this company is located in Knoxville, USA. Team health serves more than 9 million patients every year. Through Teamhealth’s patient billing service you can ascertain a secure online hospital bill payment.

Brief Information About THBillPay:

In modern times people hesitate to pay off bills through traditional methods but, www.thybillpay.com offers you a more convenient way of settling your medical bills. You can even keep track of your payment records in www.thybillpay.com

Requirements for paying through Thbillpay:

Before you are tentatively ready to pay off your medical bills Thbillpay requires filling some basic information:

  • Name
  • Current address
  • Email ID
  • Teamhealth Account number
  • Relationship with the patient
  • Total bill due amount

In case you don’t have an account in Teamhealth then you have to create an account by visiting their website www.thybillpay.com and have to provide the account number from therein. If you already user of PeryourHealth You can directly pay from its Official website.

Step by step Procedure on How to pay the THBillPay:

After curating all the necessary required information, the next step is to pay off the medical bills. Before proceeding to pay off, you must ensure that the hospital your patient is admitted in is contracted with Teamhealth service because until and unless the hospital accepts payments from www.thybillpay.com your efforts will go in vain.

  • Firstly, visit thybillpay.com – you can Click Here
  • Secondly, when you have reached the homepage look for the e-check section. After you locate it click on to the option “make payment” below it
  • Thirdly, once you get into the e-check page, next you are required to provide all the information including Teamhealth account number.
  • Lastly, check all the typed information minutely and then click on “submit”

Rechecking your account:

You can recheck or review your account details because Teamhealth keeps every record of each patient bill payment.

  • Foremost visit their website and locate the “review” section, once you select “review” option click on to “account section” just below the review.
  • You need to enter your account number and also enter the last four digits number of your SSN and click to “submit”
  • In case you receive two bills from the same hospital, you don’t need to panic you will be required to pay the bill only once. This confusion may arise if both hospital and physician separates their bill

Different Modes of payment in THBillPay:

Teamhealth service takes four major ways of payment modes to pay off the hospital bill

  • Account
  • Credit card
  • Insurance
  • E-check

If your patient is having a medical claim, he/she can provide its insurance claim number and make easy payment. For paying off the medical bill through insurance can be followed with the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of Teamhealth that is thybillpay.com and redirect to their homepage.
  • Click to pay through insurance which you will find on the top right side of the page
  • Tap to provide information
  • Enter your Teamhealth account number
  • You will notice that various categories are popping up, choose any one from them that is according to the nature of the insurance
  • After you are done providing all the information click “submit”
  • That’s all you’ve done with it, easy and simple.

Teamhealth online payment service: Customer feedback

www.thybillpay.com is quite famous in the USA and running its business for a long time, talking to various customers who have availed Teamhealth’s service told us that they were decently satisfied with the payment methods and provides completely hassle-free service. But on the contrary, many users attacked this company by saying that the website never works on time and is very slow, payments don’t get credited on time, delays in transferring money. Overall a mixture of both offensive and defensive can adhere.

Final Words:

  • The company is affiliated with more than 9,800 healthcare professionals who are working in more than 46 states and 19 regional locations
  • It outsources one of the largest physicians staffing throughout the USA
  • The company contacts with more than 860 hospitals and physician groups in core areas of emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and anesthesia. It also offers outsourcing services to single hospitals
  • As a part of Teamhealth staffing solution, the company has operational, clinical, financial goals for each client that aims to improve patient satisfaction, better resource management.

Teamhealth finds itself in the growing trends to help hospitals prepare value-based hospitals and escalating their services in the evolution of healthcare.

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